Original Speech Commission Via Email

Original Speech Commission Via Email

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An original, professionally written speech can turn an occasion into the occasion!

Let's face it, delivering a speech can feel really daunting.  Deciding on the length, the tone and where to pause are tricky things to get right.

 The Original Poet is here to help and loves turning your fears into ideas, writing rhyming speeches guaranteed to win over the toughest crowd!

A rhyming speech is a brilliant way to entertain at a wedding. Perhaps you're the best man, already dreading that 'chinking-glass-moment' where you have to stand up and say your piece. Maybe you're the bride worrying that the emotion of the day will get the better of you. Perhaps you've been asked to speak at a charity event and worry that you'll waffle or fluff your words.

Simply tell us about the event at which you are speaking, the theme of the occasion, whom you're speaking to, or about and what you would like to say and we'll do the rest.

We do not set a specific word-count for our speeches as it will depend on the amount of information provided and how long you would like to speak for. As a guide, the speech would be somewhere between 48-96 lines.

If you would like a significantly longer speech, then we will happily advise the additional charge for this.

How it works

When you order, you will be sent a short questionnaire asking for the lowdown on the theme or occasion at which you are speaking.

Your rhyming speech will then be personally written by our founder, award winning poet and artist Lizzie Mole. Taking your anecdotes, facts, nicknames and memories, she will weave them into a uniquely original, often humorous address.

A draft will be sent to you by email for approval and any tweaks can be made if needed. 

The final speech will be sent as both a PDF and a Word document, allowing you to format it however you choose.

Speech Example


There’s a girl called Megan Harris,

she was born in Battle Creek,

and Louby Cullen asked me,

at her life to take a peek.

She told me she felt thankful,

that Meggie was her friend

and at this time of giving thanks,

this poem thought she’d send.

To set the scene (before they met)

Megs hailed from the Midwest,

for Kellogs worked in marketing,

I think perhaps you’d guessed

that work would introduce the pair,

five years ago it seems.

they calmed a social media storm,

though worked on different teams.

Fast forward then a few years more,

at HQ Meg resigned,

a new job offer all lined up,

but Lou would change her mind.

And so she counter-offered,

she knew that Meg was great,

to San Diego lured her,

to her team, a future mate.

And from the moment she arrived,

the pair would feel the love,

like cornflakes served with ice-cold milk,

they fit like hand in glove.

And on that theme, of hands it seems,

Meg has the softest pair,

so soft, I’m told it’s scary,

these hands are beyond compare.

And with her angel skin she has

the long hair of a goddess,

Lou admits she’s very jealous,

though Megs is ever modest.

Our heroines love hanging out,

Meg, Thelma to her Louise,

they love to go on mini-breaks,

just pass the rosé please!

For birthday celebrations,

they like to go away,

from Spas in hottest deserts,

to brunching in LA.

And then of course the ‘Wicked’ trip,

to NY was amazing,

Champagne was truly savoured,

from the balcony stood gazing

at the view down onto Bryant Park,

this pair were having fun,

so much they nearly missed the show,

through Time Square had to run!

And talking of the running,

these crazy two will race,

down hotel hallways sprinting,

at a hell-for-leather pace!

As this poem finds its ending,

let’s recall where it began,

with a brief to write a thank you,

for great friendship was the plan.

So Meg, here’s a big thank you,

you’re lovely through and through,

here’s to more years full of laughter,

With love from your friend Lou.xxx