About Us

At The Original Poet, our mission is simple - to create truly original poems and gifts, for truly original people.

Lizzie Mole is an award-winning poet and artist and is the name and the rhymes behind The Original Poet.

In an age of hurried texts, dashed-off emails, tweets and posts, meaningful words have become rare, but in the hands of our founder, words are precious, always well-chosen and touched with just a little bit of magic. Not only will her poems move you and those you love, but they will also be turned into the most beautiful original artworks to treasure.

There's something about poetry that can really cut to the heart of what you might want to say and can touch the recipient in a profoundly moving and lasting way.

It seems significant that even those who wouldn't consider themselves fans of poetry, or indeed, may not have read a single poem since leaving school, are the same people who seek out appropriate verses to share at some of life's biggest occasions. At weddings, words to celebrate love and romance and all of the joyful things wished for a couple as they tie the knot and at funerals, words that speak of love and sadness, but also offer comfort and pay tribute to a lost loved one.

Our Story . . . and how it began 

As well as being a professional poet, Lizzie is an artist with a first class degree in fine art and has spent many years working in the art publishing industry, honing her creative skills. She first had the idea of offering her bespoke poetry writing service over 18 years ago and it was at work that she first realised how much people loved and wanted her poems.

She became known for her witty and warm words and rhymes and was always called upon to write for the significant occasions being celebrated by her colleagues. This led to her being asked to write for people she didn't know, and soon she was taking the anecdotes, random facts and stories of strangers and weaving them into original poems too!

For years Lizzie has written poems marking almost any occasion you can think of, from weddings, engagements and birthdays, to retirements, births and eulogies.

Lizzie says

' I love wrestling with words and the challenge that comes with creating something truly original. It's extremely rewarding to hear people's reactions to my poems. A gentleman recently told me that the poem written for his 60th birthday was the best gift he'd ever received and that he cried when he read it! I'm often told that there have been tears and laughter on reading my poems and although an unusual goal to have for a business, moving someone in that way is always what I strive for; it means I've got it right!'