Original Foiled and Framed Hen-Do Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Hen-Do Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Hen-Do Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Hen-Do Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Hen-Do Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Hen-Do Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Hen-Do Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Hen-Do Poem

Original Foiled and Framed Hen-Do Poem

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An original poem for the bride-to-be!

One of your best friends is getting married and all the girls are together for a hen do to remember. L Plates and fluffy handcuffs have their place of course, but what could be a more thoughtful and memorable gift, than an original poem, uniquely dedicated to her.

Why not make it a collaborative affair? Ask the hens for anecdotes about the bride and groom, retell the story of how the couple met, get the bridesmaids to offer up their favourite things about their bestie.

Saucy, sentimental, hilarious or heartfelt, simply provide some key facts about the bride and The Original Poet will do the rest.

We do not set a specific word-count for our poem commissions. No formulas or templates are ever used and each verse is crafted by The Original Poet herself. As a guide, our poems are usually around 28-48 lines long, depending on the information you provide.

Lizzie wrote me a poem as a hen do present. She has such a clever, funny, sentimental way with words and years later I am still chuckling at her adorable poem. x

Katie Wilson


How it works

Your original poem will be written personally by award-winning poet and artist Lizzie Mole.

Based on a simple questionnaire that will be sent at the time of ordering, she'll ask for the lowdown on the recipient(s) their habits, nicknames, funny stories and anything that will allow her to create an affectionate portrait of your special person.

A draft will be sent to you by email for approval and any small changes can be made to ensure you are happy with the final piece.

Product details

Your poem will be printed on the highest quality archival paper from heritage paper merchant GF Smith.

The fine-grain smooth art paper is 240gsm and has been selected specifically for foiling to ensure a beautiful finish. Simply choose from silver, gold or rose gold at the point of ordering.

The framed poem is approximately A4 in size, with outside dimensions of 24.2 x 30.3cm and depth 3.7cm

Our frames are handmade in Brighton by a highly skilled framer, specialising in hand-finishing. We've chosen a simple hand-painted white frame with a slight grain to complement our foiled poems.

The frame has been designed with a recess, which means there is a space between the print and the glazing. This allows the light to really catch the foiled finish, as well as creating a gallery-style look, only achieved by professional framing.

The frame is made from sustainably sourced pine and is glazed with picture grade acrylic.

Example poem

To our happy hen


I bring you the tale of the Wiffen,

and a handsome young suitor called Wills,

she first spied his long locks a-flowing,

whilst swigging her bottle of Pils.

She knew that he had great potential,

a fashion-boy, out to impress,

she’d just have to tone down the labels,

gently steering the style of his dress!

So now that she’d bagged one so handsome,

‘Destroy’ t-shirts vanished sans trace,

they soon were the sweetest of sweethearts,

and their dating continued apace.

At times they endured separation,

As Wiff learnt the craft of her art,

but whilst painting her way to a 2:1,

she left behind part of her heart.

When studies were all done and dusted

and Wiffy returned from the ‘Pool,

thoughts turned to the property ladder,

and Will’s turn to go back to school.

Then a broken leg or two later,

lovely flat and joint bank accounts,

our heroes have kept us all guessing,

when their nuptials at last they’d announce.

So now thoughts turn to a wedding,

and the intimate do that they’d planned,

for this popular couple, a problem,

their numbers have got out of hand!

Now think more of Harry and Meghan,

she’ll deny that she’s called in HELLO,

so be warned when taking a snapshot,

she’ll sue for a single photo!

We know that she’ll look a stunner,

and YES, Kate, you SHOULD wear a dress,

for once we fear denim won’t cut it,

on this day, you’re allowed to impress!

This tale now can write its own ending,

as your special day draws ever near,

we love you, lovely Kate and young William,

now it’s time for wine and more beer!