Original Poem Commission Via Email

Original Poem Commission Via Email

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An original bespoke poem is a wonderful gift to send and answers that tricky question of 'what can I give to someone who has everything?'

We've added an 'email only' option to our commission service, in case you have your own ideas on how to present your original poem. Perhaps you'd like to write it in your own fair hand? Send it as a scroll with ribbon and wax seal, or maybe you plan to read it aloud at a party.

Whatever you have in mind, The Original Poet will take the details you provide about your special person and weave them into the perfectly crafted rhyming poem, tears and laughter guaranteed!

No formulas or templates are ever used in the writing of our poems.  As Lizzie writes each commission with great passion, tuning in to what you would like say, she does not set a word-count which might restrict the flow of her beautiful words. As a guide though, the poem will be around 28-48 lines long.

Once approved, we'll email your finished poem as a PDF and a Word document,  then it's over to you! Now there's a modern poet right there!


How it works

When you order, you will be sent a short questionnaire asking for the lowdown on your special someone.

Your poem will then be personally written by our founder, award winning poet and artist Lizzie Mole. Taking your anecdotes, facts, nicknames and memories, she will weave them into a uniquely original, often humorous poem.

A draft will be sent to you by email for approval and any tweaks can be made if needed. 

The final poem will be sent as both a PDF and a Word document, allowing you to format the poem however you choose.

Poem Example


I couldn’t run to diamonds,

or a trip to the Bahamas,

I know you’d like Peru someday,

to walk there with the llamas.

Ok, it’s not a sports car,

or a cruise around the Med,

but here’s a rhyme sent from the heart,

with all my love instead.

I can’t believe you’re forty,

you’re truly blessed with youth,

to me you still look twenty-one,

and that’s the honest truth.

I’m feeling super lucky

that I get to call you wife,

to wake up with you every day,

my best friend, set for life.

Can you believe that that’s the age

we were, when we first met?

And that our romance started

from a very childish bet.

‘The Boon’s’ idea, let me be clear,

HIS crazy ‘Post It’ challenge,

to stick a message on your coat

unseen, if I could manage.

‘I think you’re very lovely,

 would you like to have a drink?’

we watched you ‘til you found the note,

whatever did you think?

You laughed and looked so puzzled,

‘The Boon’ said I should go,

walk over, introduce myself,

so I did and said ‘Hello’.

And today, two decades later,

I’m so thankful you said Yes,

I thought you way out of my league

and still do, I confess.

You see my darling Sarah,

to me you are a ten,

and the ‘Post It’ note today would say,

‘I’d do it all again!’