Original Foiled and Framed Birthday Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Birthday Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Birthday Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Birthday Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Birthday Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Birthday Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Birthday Poem
Original Foiled and Framed Birthday Poem

Original Foiled and Framed Birthday Poem

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An original poem is the perfect gift to give on a special birthday. Written specifically for and about the birthday girl or boy, it's something they will treasure long after the candles have been blown.

The Original Poet Lizzie Mole, has written poems for first birthdays, ninetieths, and all ages in between. Funny, witty, clever and moving are all words that have been used to describe her work and as she's also an artist, the poems are beautiful works of art too! 

We'll ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your loved one and request information about them and what they mean to you. Once you have approved your original poem, it will be made into a beautiful foiled print, embossed with The Original Poet's signature mark. It will then be professionally framed in a contemporary frame and gift wrapped with a beautiful ribbon and tag.

No formulas or templates are ever used in the writing of our poems.  As Lizzie writes each commission with great passion, tuning in to what you would like say, she does not set a word-count which might restrict the flow of her beautiful words. As a guide though, the poem will be around 28 to 48 lines long.

Just to say a huge thank you for your birthday poem, it’s perfect Lizzie and I know mum will love it. It moved me to tears! x

Carrie Donohoe
How it works

When you order, you will be sent a short questionnaire asking for the lowdown on your special someone.

Your poem will then be personally written by our founder, award winning poet and artist Lizzie Mole. Taking your anecdotes, facts, nicknames and memories, she will weave them into a uniquely original, often humorous poem.

A draft will be sent to you by email for approval and any tweaks can be made if needed. 

Product details

Your poem will be printed on the highest quality archival paper from heritage paper merchant GF Smith.

The fine-grain smooth art paper is 240gsm and has been selected specifically for foiling to ensure a beautiful finish. Simply choose from silver, gold or rose gold at the point of ordering.

The framed poem is approximately A4 in size, with outside dimensions of 24.2 x 30.3cm and depth 3.7cm

Our frames are handmade in Brighton by a highly skilled framer, specialising in hand-finishing. We've chosen a simple hand-painted white frame with a slight grain to complement our foiled poems.

The frame has been designed with a recess, which means there is a space between the print and the glazing. This allows the light to really catch the foiled finish, as well as creating a gallery-style look, only achieved by professional framing.

The frame is made from sustainably sourced pine and is glazed with picture grade acrylic.

Example poem

A Significant Significance!


Now Lou, it seems significant,

a significant birthday’s here,

the second we have marked with you

in a significantly earlier year!

In fact we’re talking decades,

at least one, but nearly two,

as the old gang will remember

toasting twenty-one with you!

Now is this poem working?

with omissions of your age,

bringing up the years gone by,

each chapter and each page.

You see, it is a crazy fact,

so many years have flown,

with all the birthdays you’ve had here,

and all the candles blown!

Raging yet? Feeling old?

Nonsense, you’re in your prime,

And so go wild and giddy,

I’ll explain more with this rhyme.

We know your love of gardens

and of growing all things green,

and as a cook your skills renowned

from things we’ve scoffed and seen.

Your talents are amazing

but as I’ve said before,

it’s time for new adventures

for life to give you more!

You should now embrace the sparkle,

as we’ve recently discussed,

put on those heels and do a twirl,

feeling fancy is a must!

Add in some fluttering lashes,

a wig, or don a hat,

life starts here, or so they say

so smash it with a bat!

And one last thing, whilst you’re here

as we raise a glass to you,

can I share your party please?

I can? That’s great! Woohoo!